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We are waiting for you!

So, six days until DebCamp and we are here working in order to have a great Debian Conference for the first time in Central America! 🙂

We are waiting for you!



Debian tour in Nicaragua

In April, the Nicaraguan Debian community started the Debian Tour, a series of talks in different universities around Nicaragua in order to promote Debian GNU/Linux and invite people to join our community.

The Debian Tour kicked off in the city of Masaya and we plan to visit other cities, like León and Chontales. In April we had two events, and we’re planning four more events in May and an additional four in June for a total of 10 events, but hopefully we can do more 🙂 At this time we have scheduled two visits to UNAN (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua), one in May and one in June, and one visit to UNI (Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería) and one more to UENIC (Universidad Evangelica de Nicaragua) in Masaya.

Besides talks, we had one workshop with the help of the guys from UNI about Debian packaging by gwolf who was visiting Nicaragua last weekend. There are a few other workshops planned about sysadmin and security in Debian.

I want to participate in Debian Tour but I still don’t know how, maybe give a talk about LXDE or collaborating with Debian.


Hello Debian Planet

I must confess, I thought only DD’s can be on the Debian Planet and a few days ago I read someone telling me that I must add my blog to the planet, so I went to the Planet wikipage and I saw that Planet Debian is for any active and directly involved participant in the Debian development community.

This is my first post on the Debian Planet. I’m member of the DC12 Local Team and I’ll try to post here updated information about DebConf12 organization, my experience in the Debian Community (I’m starting to collaborate with Spanish translations for the Debian Plubicity Team), and other Debian-related things as well.

Our next DebConf meeting is TBD on doodle, if you are interested to participate in the meeting, please go to doodle and select the dates you are available so we can decide when is going to be the next meeting.

Hope to see you next year in Managua!