I’m back

So, after a long time away from blogging, I’m here again with another blog. 🙂 With this “I forget to write” problem I’ve lost two blogs, so this is my third one. I will try this time to write regularly to share some experiences about free software, work, and about my life. I suppose that since DebConf12 will be in Nicaragua next and now that I’m part of the Ubuntu Membership Board of Americas, I’ll write more often than before. 🙂



I think this is (once again) my first post in English. It’s not that I hate English language, but I always prefer to write in Spanish (my first language), besides, I’m not a good English-speaker. Some friends are always telling me that I have to write more in English because of the “importance” to reach more readers, since English is the primary language in all the free software community and the biggest free software projects, so i think I need to write some things in English.

In July I attended Debconf11 in Bosnia with three friends from Nicaragua, representing part of the Debconf12-LocalTeam and I can say that it was a great experience for all of us. It was our first time attending a Debian Conference and we all learned a lot of things. We shared with some amazing people and I would like to thank to all of them. In this trip I learned that Debian people are really friendly and I say that, because previously, I was thought that Debian people were “unfriendly” (things that you hear from other people) but then I got to know some of the people involved in Debian and I saw that they are amazing people! For me it was an unique experience and I know next year in Nicaragua it will be the same. I’m looking forward to met all of them again.

Recently I was elected to become part of the  Americas Regional Membership Board, so now I’m part of the group who decide who will be Ubuntu Member. I must confess that I’ve missed the two first meetings after I was elected and it’s a shame. 😦 I don’t know how I’m going to do but I promised myself to attend the next meeting on September 15th and it’s going to be hard because it’s holiday in Nicaragua and I’m going to be at Sebaco (the hometown of my wife’s family) where there are no Internet, but I’ll try to get an 3g usb modem to be at the meeting.

    • chilicuil
    • 8/09/11

    Nice, I’m one of those guys trying to earn membership, I’ll be following your blog to see what are the requirements (yep, I’ve already checked the wiki out, but It’s always more interested to get it from specific persons). I do agree with the lang suggestion, it’s important to reach as much people as possible, although some of these materials could be cool to get them in spanish too. We need more Ubuntu members in latinoamerica =)

    • n0rman
    • 10/09/11

    Hi chilicuil 🙂 ok, so i will write more about being ubuntu member 🙂

    We need to write more in Spanish, i do not think we need only ubuntu members in latino américa but to write more posts in Spanish and translate documentation and software 🙂

  1. Thanks for coming to DebConf11 n0rman, it was nice to meet you!

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